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Glentree Academy

We commenced in 2007, with Little Elly – the Concept Preschool at Bellandur, Bangalore with the guidance of Glentree, UK (frontrunners in kid’s education since the last decade). Little Elly Preschool has been persistently expanding throughout South and Western India, with a record of more than 110 centers at present. Our experience has proven that children thrive in beautiful places where life skills are taught through close connections to nature, where they happily learn conventional skills while playing in an environment that encourages ideas to be wild and free. By taking time to articulate our work,we have been able to create a platform for advancing our vision: “Glentree Academy – Learning for Life.” We intend to go back to focusing on what matters the most – involving the child with everyday experiences that enable them to understand and interact with the world around them. Our purpose is to champion a model of learning that connects the timeless lessons from nature to a relevant and effective preparation for a fast – changing...

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VIVERO International Pre-School

Vivero International Pre-School, Whitefield is sprawled over 7000 sq ft with ample outdoor spaces to enhance the perfect learning environment. It is engaging, supporting the child’s curiosity and wonder. Our classrooms are fascinating, soothing and full of wonder and discovery. We believe the environment should inspire the child to inquire, think and learn. Our intentionally designed spaces ensure effective learning and ensures ample opportunity to engage with nature in a clean and safe manner. The common area has an interactive science corner with a Glass/reflection table, library, etc. Intentionally designed special learning corners and learning aids add to the sense of wonder. In joint partnership with Eton House Global Pre Schools of Singapore, Vivero Curriculum is based on an inquiry based learning programme. Our teachers & caregivers are passionately committed towards their children. A rigorous recruitment process selects teachers who are also life-long...

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The Foundation School

The Foundation school was established in 2009. The school follows a methodology that helps children learn through hands on activities and experiential learning. Children at The Foundation School are seen not as consumers who need external entertainment, but as producers who interact with various learning material with their own hands; construct knowledge and gain immense satisfaction from the process.

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Jnana Jyothi Public School

JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL’s journey towards education excellence began in 2013 with an ideal mix of academic and corporate professionals who felt the shared need to provide inclusive education. At JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, we challenge our students with a unique educational experience, which emphasizes a seamless blend of academics, sports, performing arts, community and experiential learning programmes. Education at JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL is driven with the goal to ignite India’s young minds. We strongly believe our students will develop into the valuable human resource India needs as it marches on in the 21st century. To put it plainly, education and learning excites us. Our days at JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL are spent passing on this spirit of excitement to our students. We constantly encourage both our teachers and students to innovate. Our learner-centric approach has encouraged our teachers to look at educational concepts with a new...

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