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School Of India Bangalore | Bannerghatta Road – A school inspired by India

Posted by in on 7-13-16

School Of India Bangalore | Bannerghatta Road – A school inspired by India

The School of India functions under the support of the KK Educational and Charitable Trust, spearheaded by new-age thinking educationists who believe in celebrating India, celebrating your child, instilling a sense of pride about the country and most importantly building a foundation so that your child develops into a model human being. At the School of India, we focus on each child individually and a conscious effort is made towards understanding each child’s talents and creating constructive learning environments. The objective at SOI is to facilitate all students to reach their highest potential, as we believe it is the most valuable investment we can make towards securing the future of our country.

The School of India believes in raising its children to be tolerant, responsible citizens, who celebrate the diversity of cultures in India and aim to better our country. We want to provide our students with a quality education that competes with international benchmarks, with an Indian focus. Our integrated approach has facilitated the evolution of young children into ‘Active citizens’. Students are encouraged to believe that they are the catalysts of change.

Our focus is on encouraging students to trust their own opinion while fostering confidence so that they realize and live to their full potentials.

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